I should listen to you? You don't have a leg to stand on

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I suck and you don't. I hate you

Racism is a symptom. The cause is hating oneself. The cause is Fear and Jealousy. Prejudice is based on the invalid judgement of comparing yourself to someone else. People put down and hate what they feel is a threat; not just physical but even to the thought pattern we call ego. There can only be a threat if you perceive yourself as weaker; a "Loser". Only the weak and the "losers" hate.

Only people that hate who they are, can hate someone else. We love our neighbor to the extent that we love ourselves.

In my "hood" the Italian "Yutes" would gather together with lead pipes and go beat up the "Brothers" (Of course they used the N word). Practically speaking that is racism but the root is penis envy.

That's right, they were afraid that the cool Brothers had bigger swords and they would lose control of "their" women. They hated the Brothers because they were losers in comparison. They wanted to be cool too. They were Jealous. The problem is that the comparison is invalid! If you want something that another person has you must be willing to become that person. You can't just pick out a trait it comes in a context. You must take on that context too.

If you want the wealth someone has, you must be willing to go through what they went through. If you steal the wealth you will not be happy with it because you did not accumulate the wisdom and the maturity that comes from earning it.

Taking what you haven't earned usually poisons a person. You know that you haven't earned it and that it can just as easily be taken away. You are still living in fear.

Only if you are secure with yourself can you love another.

Again the solution comes from the individual. Society can help at the local level through family and community. Conversely society can breed this self hatred that we then project on others.

Racism is Fear and Jealousy.

Blacks (and guilt-ridden Whites) hate Whites because they are taught that the Whites have the power and the poor Blacks are victims with no hope. Whites secretly hate them. They want what the White has but can't get it because they are Black in America and the odds are stacked against them. They lash out against Whitey out of fear and jealousy.
Their only out is to gain power or take over society and take the wealth Whitey is holding back from them. A Black President is a good start. Taxing the rich who are predominantly White and redistributing their wealth to the Blacks who are predominantly poor isn't stealing it's reparations.

But those who haven't earned wealth nor developed wisdom and maturity become prisoners of an entitlement and victim mentality and pass the hate on to their children. A brotherhood of anger, hate and fear.

The longest running and most insidious racism and prejudice is Jew hatred. Everyone hates the Jews because they are taught that the Jews are rich, control and hoard the world's wealth and are loved by G-d more than anyone else. Were you ever jealous that your sibling or friend or classmate got more attention than you? Did you feel like a loser and hate them or get depressed. Did you put them down behind their back or in your mind? Imagine how much of a loser you are compared to the rich, all powerful, spiritually superior JEW! Damn even I'm getting angry! Imagine the hatred if you can never be as good as the Jew in G-D's eye. Of course it's a distortion but don't you think and feel that way? Don't you know someone that thinks and feels that way? Why has this myth perpetuated so long?

How do you fix it? Get right with yourself then teach and preach by word and example!


  1. I've always been taught that Jews do this out of reverence. The way I was told, it was that to write the full word, is roughly the same as writing the full name on paper (or other media). When you do this, it is implied that you have now caused that media to become sacred, and, in so doing, you are obliged to keep the media in good condition, lest you offend G-d. Some part of me thinks its very silly, another part of me thinks that Jews probably have a better handle on what G-d is all about than the rest of us. After all, they've been studying Torah for centuries. If they are all that remains of the priestly kingdom, then, I guess its worth noting their opinions, if nothing else. If not...well, then who is the Judge if not the Name?